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Hemp Skin Care

Hemp Skin Care

Hemp Skin CareHemp Skin CareHemp Skin Care

Shop our all natural, nano-amplified hemp skin care line today!

Hemp Skin Care

Hemp Skin Care

Hemp Skin CareHemp Skin CareHemp Skin Care

Shop our all natural, nano-amplified hemp skin care line today!

Glow Like a Goddess Naturally with Hemphera!

HempHera Kosmetikos is a revolutionary, never-seen-before, nano-amplified cosmetics & hemp skin care line.  Inspired by Ancient  Goddesses, and our favorite Beauty Icons - You won't find another brand in the industry like HempHera! All of our products are Lab Tested, Third Party Tested, and Hand-Made with Good Vibes!

What are the benefits of A Hemp Skin Care Line?

  •   Rich In Omega’s 6 & 9
  •   Inhibits over active oil production in skin without     drying it out 
  •   Boosts immune system & promotes healthy life cycles in skin 
  •   Rich In Anti Aging properties 
  •   Reduces swelling, irritation, and scarring  
  •   Revitalizes dry & irritated skin 
  •   Helps repair damaged skin from pimples & acne 
  •   Encourages wounds to heal faster
  •   Helps with wrinkles by providing powerful antioxidants & a barrier to skin from environmental pollutants and factors
  •  A non-toxic & all natural skincare line, so safe to use as often as you would like


How to Apply Your Hemp Skin care

If you've ever wondered if there is a right or wrong way to apply your skin care, the answer is YES!

 Daytime Routine:

We are ALWAYS Wrinkle Warriors, but our day time routine is more geared toward protection from environmental pollutants and the sun.

Step 1: Cleanse 

Step 2: Tone – We don’t have ANY alcohol based products, so you’ll never have to worry about drying out your skin.


Step 3: Antioxidant Serum/Mask – This is where our serums or masks are most effective. Serums are super concentrated and nutrient dense treatments that generally address particular issues, so we want to get that into the skin before anything else.

Step 4: Eye Cream – Consistency is a major key to any success in life, but most definitely in skincare. Eye Cream should be applied at least twice a day in order to maintain eyelid thickness and overall health. Consistent use over time will increase skins elasticity and help to prevent collagen loss.

Step 5: Moisturize – Everyone needs a moisturizer. Yes, everyone. Even those who have overactive glands that create oily skin. Moisturizers provide a protective coating on our skin that acts as a barrier against the sun and environmental pollutants. Apply while face is still moist from serum for best results and locked in moisture. 

Night Routine:

Step 1:  Cleanse X 2 – Start by removing makeup with a dedicated remover, oil based removes eye and lip products very well. After, use a gentle cleanser to remove particles loosened with your first cleanser. 

Step 2: Tone - Now we have prepped and fresh skin for full product absorption.

Step 3 : Eye Cream – You can never have enough eye cream and Kimye’s R.B.F can only work for so long – eye cream helps maintain eyelid thickness and overall health. Over time, skin elasticity will be improved while we also help prevent collagen loss. Eye cream is important to apply earlier in our night time routine to create a barrier to protect that fragile skin from any other ingredients used later in routine.

Step 4: Serum- This is where we can get super specific and really target our skin’s own personal issues. Exfoliants, Antioxidants, or Detox/Clay Masks are a great choice. 

Step 5 – Hydrating Mask/Face Oil – If you have oily skin, you may skip this step and go straight for the final step. If you have dry or irritated skin – this extra hydration will help lock in moisturizing properties.


Step 6 – Moisturizer/ Night Cream - Nighttime moisturizing is MAJOR because it's harder to keep  skin hydrated while you sleep. Our moisturizers actively work to not only nourish & hydrate skin, but also to improve complexion, promote collagen & new cell regeneration, and fade fine lines and wrinkles. Our Nano-Amplified Hemp Extract will undoubtedly penetrate & absorb faster, deeper, and for greater amounts of time!


The best skin care routine is the one you follow consistently. If you are ever in doubt of proper layering just remember this: 

Always apply (Thin to Thick) & (Liquid to Oil) but also remember you want to use your All-Star Ingredients in order of importance for YOUR Skin. Antioxidants first & then Emollients/Humectants (Serums to Moisturizers)  

Also, remember that lifestyle and consistency is MAJOR KEY when it comes to any aspect of wellness, especially skin care. Although you will feel same day results, to really restore and balance your skin, use our hemp skin care line and/or products consistently for 4-6 weeks.  

Hemp Skin care Routine

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Hemp Skincare
Hemp Skincare
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