Ashley brooke Osborne


 Ashley founded HempHera Kosmetikos with the belief that everyone should feel like a Goddess or God inside and out. She grew up fascinated by Greek and Egyptian mythology, as well as fashion and cosmetics, which became the gateway for her founding HempHera. "I think one of the things that enchanted me the most about Ancient Mythology is that EVERYONE was a God or Goddess. Everyone had SOMETHING amazing about them. That still holds true today." - Ashley Osborne. Throughout her childhood her intrigue for science and nature continued, and she studied the technology and industry around cannabis in high school and in higher education by receiving her Associates in Applied Sciences and a Master's Certification in Cannabis & Terpenes. She also has credentials in Natural Cosmetic Formulating, giving her all the skills she needed to get her dream started. Ashley's desire for building an empire of her own had been with her from a young age and she knew she would develop a brand that would not only fuel a passion for a career, but; by combining her experience in both the cannabis and cosmetic Industry, start a company. With all of these experiences, and a desire to bring a hemp based skin care that is not only available, but also affordable, to both women and men, HempHera was born.

Hemphera is born

In January of 2019, shortly after legalization, Ashley opened Royale Highness CBD Dispensary in her hometown of Richmond, Indiana as a way to begin educating her community about the benefits of hemp, and to provide healthier options to her community. Her passions were a guide for her to “provide healthier and affordable options to my hometown,” and to inspire her community to care about their skin in a meaningful and natural way. She also really wanted to generate income for the city while also creating jobs for the community. She started HempHera Kosmetikos not shortly after the opening of Royale Highness and has seen great success since beginning while continuing to provide 100% Farm/Seed to Table products - providing our customers the best prices for premium quality Hemp Skin Care. She believes that everyone should feel like the glowing Goddess or God they really are inside and out. Through a variety of tailored CBD skin care products, you can begin to feel valued by caring for your skin in a meaningful and natural way. Ashley lives in Ohio with her two sons and is very involved with the community, particularly an array of schools and local sports programs. She continues to develop new skin care products with CBD while being a single mother, showing her two sons that anything is possible if you educate yourself, work hard, and follow your dreams.

Ashley's Promise